group of people preparing for an orphan well plugging event with the well done foundation.


Participants – “WDF Climate Roughnecks” – Will Have the Unique Experience of Plugging an Orphaned Well that Currently Emits 400 Cars’ Worth of Methane Annually

Shelby, MT – May 24, 2023 – The Well Done Foundation (WDF) today announced it will host a series of orphaned well plugging projects, including methane measurement and monitoring, this late July and August that are open to Well Done Foundation Members.

The WDF believes this is the first time that a hands-on field experience has been offered to the public. Participants, called “WDF Climate Roughnecks,” will join WDF founder/Chairman Curtis Shuck and his crew, working together to plug a legacy oil well that was drilled in 1930 and has been orphaned for more than 30 years, emitting approximately 400 cars’ worth of methane each year.

WDF Climate Roughnecks will work together with and alongside the WDF team, measuring methane emissions, using the latest industry technology and techniques, and participate in the actual well plugging. They will also have the chance to work on the “rig floor” and the “cement pump” and will be able to try their hand at real “roughnecking,” in a closely and safely supervised environment.

“For me, plugging orphan wells has been such a life-changing experience that I want to share with others, which is an important part of our mission,” states Shuck. “The WDF Field Experience is specially designed to share the emotional satisfaction of making a difference, one well at a time. Together, we will make a measurable impact, leaving things better for those who will follow behind by creating a lasting legacy of good. Expect to get dirty, work hard, learn a lot, and be one of the very few who experience the gratification of making an actual difference immediately.”

The first WDF Field Experience is scheduled to take place July 19-20 in Toole County, MT, on the site of the Bluhm #007, a 93-year-old orphaned oil well, originally drilled in 1930.  WDF Field Experiences are limited to 10 participants. All participants must be over the age of 18 or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Scholarships are available.

Part of the proceeds help pay to plug the well and are tax deductible. For more information and to register for a WDF Field Experience, email


About the Well Done Foundation:

A nonprofit formed in 2019, the Well Done Foundation’s mission is to fight climate change by plugging the estimated 2.15 million orphaned oil and gas wells in the United States. The WDF works with farmers and landowners, local and state government, corporations, and other nonprofits to locate the orphaned wells, measure and document methane and CO2 emissions, plug the wells, and restore the surface areas to their original state.