Video Gallery

McCleary Orphan Well Methane Emissions
We Are The Well Done Foundation
Introducing the Well Done Foundation
Well Done Foundation on NBC News
Abandoned Well Emissions
Montana Open Well & Emissions Monitoring
Carbon Wildcats
Allen Well Emissions Monitoring
Well Done Intro (Short)
Carbon Wildcats - Anderson 7
First PA Well Plugged - Russell M Clark Estate #11
The Well Done Foundation at COP26 - November 2021
Why I Chose to Support the Well Done Foundation - Fuyuki Fujiwara
Fenner #2 Well Completion, Louisiana 5-Bayous Project - January 2022
Gish A #35 Well Completion, Louisiana-5 Bayous Project / Earth Day 2022
Our Lady of Angels #1 Well Completion, Cleveland, OH - April 2022
Bluhm #12 Well Completion, Montana - June 2022