Thank You for Acquiring CBUs

Thank you for being a Great Human!

CBU Blue certificate owners like you make it possible for WDF to locate and plug more orphan wells.  Plugging wells helps keep the air cleaner, the water purer, the soil richer, protects the health and safety of people and animals and provides instant, immediate impact in the fight against climate change. We are forever grateful! 


Check your email for:

  1. A tax-deductible receipt. 
  2. A password to enter the Well Intel™ platform to examine records and details about the plugged well, eliminated methane and more.  The most transparent units available for purchase!
  3. Your certificate.  If you’d like an actual printed paper certificate sent by US mail, please contact

Now that you’re a Carbon Hero, you might want to consider our Orphan Well Field Camp Experiences taking place in Montana this summer. Click the link below for more information or to register.