Purchase Carbon Offsets

Can you become carbon neutral this year? The answer is yes.

We need to start by recognizing that we are all contributing to this climate crisis, and we are all responsible for fighting climate change. One of the most impactful actions we can take is funding solutions and purchasing carbon offsets.

The Well Done Foundation has created an opportunity for individuals to contribute to a program that reduces carbon emissions much faster than you can as an individual or a single company.

It’s a simple and meaningful way to become carbon-neutral:

You purchase a certificate for 20 metric tons of Climate Benefit Units at the price of $7.00/ton—$140.00 total—which is the calculated average annual emissions in the USA per person.  This contribution will offset your carbon footprint and support our ongoing well plugging projects across the US, bringing additional jobs with social and community benefits—along with curtailing carbon and methane emissions. You can purchase multiple certificates—as many as you’d like—to maximize your impact. And you can gift offsets to friends and family—just check the box next to “Donation in Honor of.”

We can all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and fund this immediate large-scale solution: plugging abandoned oil wells and restoring the land. Please support the Well Done Foundation’s CBU program and give the gift of offsets this holiday season.

To find out how to customize a program for larger groups or companies, email Curtis Shuck.