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McCleary Unit #001

WDF OH-22-002

Located in Bath Township of Summit County, Ohio, the McCleary #001 well was drilled to a depth of -3,734 in July 1984 for its then producer Pine Top, Inc. This well has been sitting idle for nearly half a decade and is now technically orphaned.

Due to the advanced state of disrepair, this well is emitting significant amounts of methane and needs to be plugged. The Well Done Foundation is working closely with the landowners and the regulatory agencies to move this plugging forward as quickly as possible and it is currently scheduled as one of our Earth Day 2023 Wells. The climate benefit is calculated at >4,200 CO2e (more than 1,000 autos) per year of reduced emissions, using the IPCC 20 Year Table. We are excited to be joined by the Youth Climate Initiative (YCI) as a new funding partner, as well as the Russell & Ruth Kincaid Family Giving Fund, and the many others who will join us in getting this plugging project over the finish line. Watch a video of the ghg emissions.  
Fast Facts
Date Spudded: July 1984
Date Abandoned:
Amt of CO2e Emitted/Year: 4,200
Plugging & Restoration Cost: 70000
Date Plugged:

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