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L-Bar Ranch #001

WDF NM-22-001
The Well Done Foundation is honored to join with the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, the Trust for Public Land and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation to help plug an abandoned oil and gas well located on the L-Bar property.   In 2022, the Trust for Public Land partnered with the State of New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, local Pueblos and Tribes, and other partners to permanently protect this property. This 53,000-acre piece of land will be added to New Mexico’s Marquez Wildlife Management Area, more than quadrupling the wildlife area’s size and making it the largest in the state. Much of this stunning landscape is considered culturally significant by as many as 30 Native American tribes who have called the area home for more than a thousand years.   The area is also habitat for more than 400 plant and animal species, including elk and the endangered Mexican Spotted Owl. To honor Earth Day 2023, the Well Foundation will plug this leaking and abandoned oil and gas well. This well was drilled in the 1980s on a remote location on the property and is located in the middle of critical game habitat. Well Done Foundation will both plug the well and restore the area around the well to its natural state.   We would deeply appreciate your financial support to help offset the cost to plug this abandoned well and repair this magnificent landscape.
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