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There are 3.5 million orphaned (no owner) and abandoned oil wells in the USA that emit more than 8 million metric tons of CO2.


How much can plugging just one orphaned well help?

It’s the annual equivalent of reducing methane from:

  • Taking 3,115 gas-powered cars off the road
  • Removing 605,999 trash bags in a landfill
  • Charging 1,702,997,048 smartphones

Why we do not give away promotional items to members:

We don’t give away promotional items because they too create their own carbon footprint, and we need every penny to plug wells. We believe our members care more about our work than free stuff.

But our members receive all types of other great perks, like discounted events and experiences, first invitations to webinars, a look at our proprietary Well Intel™ newsletters and more.

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1 Department of Energy Undocumented Orphan Wells Workshop, April 23, 2022


3 Emissions of 500 metric tons of methane

4 (calculator)

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