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We plug orphaned oil and gas wells that leak methane into the environment, polluting the air and waterways. There are currently 3.5M wells emitting 7 million+ tons of CO2e every year. We need your help now!
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Carbon Offsets

Mission over money. Read the blog from our founder and Chairman, Curtis Shuck, to learn more about our take on carbon credits and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

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Meet the Well Done Foundation

Our mission is to fight climate change through plugging orphaned or abandoned oil and gas wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates there are approximately 3.5 million unplugged abandoned wells scattered throughout the United States. We work with farmers and landowners, local and state governments, corporations and not-for-profit organizations to locate abandoned wells, measure and document the CO2 emissions, then plug the wells and restore the surrounding surface area to its original state.

What's New

New Carbon Credit Methodology Released

The Well Done Foundation is honored to be the lead sponsor of a new and important carbon credit methodology that will help generate much-needed funds to assist in the plugging of orphaned oil and gas wells across the United States and Canada. We’re excited for the next steps as we scale up or efforts with another powerful tool in the toolbox.

First Quarter Highlights

We're excited to share our Q1 2023 report highlighting the major milestones and accomplishments in recent months. Thank you to the many organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals who continue to support our work to plug and cap orphaned oil and gas wells.

There are

3.5 Million
Unplugged Abandoned
Wells in U.S.

(EPA Estimate)

0 States
Across the Country


11.57 MMT CO2e
Each Year

(EPA Estimate)

That’s the Equivalent of

2.57 million passenger vehicles driven for one year

191.3 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years

12.96 billion lbs of
coal burned

1.46 million homes' electricity use for one year

We can only plug these wells with your help.

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Plugging orphan wells instantaneously stops CO2 air and water pollution.

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