GRAY, LA – March 28, 2023 – Independent energy company Crescent Midstream has agreed to sponsor some of the Well Done Foundation’s (WDF) orphaned oil well plugging and site restoration in Louisiana.

“We are proud to support the Well Done Foundation’s work in our home state of Louisiana.  Their proven methodology delivers immediate and quantifiable benefits by stopping orphaned oil wells from discharging methane emissions, a gas that is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere,” Crescent Midstream Vice President of Carbon Neutrality Richard Stewart said. “Sponsoring their work reflects our thoughtful commitment to corporate sustainability and helps further the Well Done Foundation’s mission.”

Since 2019, the Well Done Foundation has plugged 25 of some of the most methane-emitting orphaned oil and gas wells in the United States, including five in Louisiana’s Caddo Parish. The NGO is growing across the United States and has made great strides in developing a scalable model for all oil-producing states to monitor and plug orphaned wells and restore the surface areas to their original state.

“We appreciate the industry leadership Crescent Midstream has taken and their ongoing commitment to excellence in the safe transport of crude oil throughout the Gulf of Mexico,” WDF Chairman and founder Curtis Shuck said. “We welcome and applaud forward-thinking industry partners as we work together to reduce methane emissions and leave things better than the way we found them, one well at a time.”

The “Well Done Process” is a multi-step initiative built upon public and private partnerships.  WDF identifies high-emitting orphaned and abandoned oil or gas wells and then qualifies them through a rigorous measurement and monitoring regimen. Through partnerships with regulatory bodies and landowners, WDF develops a plan to plug the wells and restore impacted surfaces areas. Funding for each project is made possible through corporate or individual sponsorships.

Crescent is committed to maintaining a strong environmental and safety record for its pipeline operation to the benefit of its employees, customers and other stakeholders. In addition to supporting the Well Done Foundation, Crescent has completed marsh preservation projects to mitigate coastal erosion in areas that have been impacted by inclement weather events to both protect and rebuild those areas and maintain long-term operations. Crescent is actively involved in community outreach in Southern Louisiana and supports numerous organizations that drive a positive social impact within its operating footprint. In addition, Crescent announced in December 2022 a partnership to develop one of the Gulf Coast’s largest offshore hubs for the permanent storage of carbon dioxide.


About Crescent Midstream

Crescent Midstream is an independent energy company that provides safe, reliable crude oil services in the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Led by CEO Jerry Ashcroft, Crescent is managed by a seasoned team of midstream experts with significant expertise and a proven track record of operating and optimizing midstream assets. Our unique asset footprint strongly positions Crescent for organic growth. The Crescent system serves more than 80 deep-water platforms. Our offshore and onshore pipelines connect shippers to liquid trading and receipt points across Louisiana. For more information, visit


About the Well Done Foundation

Formed in 2019, the Well Done Foundation enables the oil and gas industry to partner with the conservation community to create an alternative pathway to success that benefits all. The Well Done Process, which does not include any public funding, creates a strategic partnership among regulators, surface owners and adoptive parties, leading to a safe and seamless system that provides cost-effective and lasting results that improve the environment while working with the industry in a transparent structure that delivers value to its Triple Bottom Line: community partnerships (people), environmental responsibility (planet), and economic benefits (profit). The Well Done Foundation works with its partners to transition the orphaned well sites into their next levels of service. For more information, visit