Brian Drives Electric: The Well Done Foundation – Update 2021

In only their second year, The Well Done Foundation is making incredible progress in plugging orphaned oil wells and stopping excess emissions of methane and hydrogen sulfide. As they plug wells in northern Montana, they’re also expanding across the country to plug, and plan explosive growth in the coming years. I caught up with Stacey Shuck while I was in MT and Curtis Shuck via Zoom a few weeks later to hear where the program is today and how they plan to scale and grow things in the future.

It’s incredibly exciting to me that they are taking action to make a physical difference for the climate and the air we breathe, and they’re doing it #onewellatatime For more information, to donate or volunteer, visit:

For more background on how they started, and the well plugging process, watch the Well Done Foundation Series, where I spent a week in Montana documenting the process and hearing from many of the stakeholders.…

Chapters: 0:00 Back in the field

2:30 Progress to date

4:04 Branching out to new states

10:34 Education efforts

17:12 New monitoring process

22:03 Flow data visualization

25:29 Pennsylvania challenges

31:06 Louisiana challenges

32:45 Getting the word out

38:00 Goals for 2021 & 2022

40:41 Moving the needle

46:01 Expanding amounts of data

Music: Sabotage

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