Big West Anderson #3

toole county, Montana

Well Summary

The Big West Anderson #3 Oil Well is positioned at 3,541’ above Sea Level at Township 35N, Range 1W, Section 29 and was drilled to a depth of -1,532’ from the surface and completed on October 29, 1924, over 95 years ago, by the drilling contractor S. C. Ferdig in the Kevin-Sunburst Field located in Toole County, Montana.

This well last reported commercial production on October 31, 1992 some 27 years ago, when it was placed into a shut-in status and was later designated as an “Orphaned Well” by the Montana Board of Oil & Gas.

Adoption Details

The Well Done Foundation and Well Done Montana LLC identified the Big West Anderson #3 Well in September of 2019 as a candidate of for adoption and began monitoring emission factors of >357.1 ppm H2S and >45.0% CH4.

Well Done entered into a Right of Entry with the Surface Owners and filed a Bond with the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation, which was approved on October 10, 2019. On October 27, 2019 a Dynamic Flux Chamber was placed over the open well bore and the protocolled testing began with the intent to collect and record twelve (12) months of data while preparing the Plugging, Abandonment & Restoration Program (PAR) Plan for review and approval of the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation.

This well is scheduled to be finally plugged September 2020