Be a Carbon Hero

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Be a Carbon Hero

Did you know the average person creates 20 metric tons of CO2e every year? 

You can do your part every year by purchasing CBU Blues.

WDF has created Blue Ribbon Climate Benefit Units™ (CBU Blues) to be sold to individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprints.   

  • Purchase CBU Blues in any quantity you like
  • Receive a WDF registered certificate authenticating your purchase.
  • Your purchase helps support the funding of more orphan wells.
  • Receive special access to scientific data regarding your carbon offset.

Instant and immediate impact in the fight against climate change.

Customized programs for larger groups are available. Contact:

CBU Blues- The Best Blues To Have

  • Program Description

    Blue Ribbon Carbon Benefit Units™ (CBU Blues) were developed by the Well Done Foundation to help individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprint.  Funds from these purchases are used to support the plugging of more orphan wells.

  • What do you receive when you purchase CBU Blues™?
    1. CBU Blue certificate owners will be emailed an executed and serialized certificate.  Print copies sent by US mail are available upon request.
    2. Certificate owners will have access to Well Intel™, WDF’s proprietary technical portal which stores information about the exact units purchased.
    3. Certificate owners can feel proud that they have made a significant, purpose driven, and substantial contributions to reducing their carbon footprint.
    4. Finally, certificate owners have the satisfaction of knowing their purchase will support the funding of WDF’s mission of plugging more wells.
  • Why buy Blue Ribbon Climate Benefit Units (CBU Blue)?

    We all create impacts that contribute to climate change, no matter how careful we are.  One responsible and impactful way to reduce your imprint is by purchasing carbon offsets.  Best of all, your purchase is used to plug more wells!

  • Why is Well Intel™ important and why are CBU Blues considered one of the highest quality offsets available for purchase?

    Well Intel is a proprietary platform owned by WDF which stores all scientific data, history, reports, and photos related to the plugged orphan well that created the CBU Blues.   Well Intel provides robust scientific data and complete transparency regarding the adoption, measuring, plugging, post-plugging measurements, and land remediation of an orphan well. For example, certificate owners can view the third-party verification of the methane a well was emitting and see scientific data demonstrating that the methane was eliminated.  Additionally, the CBU Blues are produced in the United States and all revenue is used by WDF, a US nonprofit, to support the plugging of more orphan wells.  Instant, immediate impact!

  • May I purchase CBU Blues as a gift?

    Yes! CBUs make a great, unique, and meaningful gift for any occasions.

  • How much are CBU Blues?

    CBU Blues are $25 a unit.

  • What is a unit?

    One unit equals one metric ton of CO2e that was eliminated when WDF plugs an orphan well.

  • How much CO2e does a person contribute to climate change?

    Recent studies show the average US resident contributes a stunning 20 tons of CO2e to the atmosphere every year.

  • How many CBU Blue Units Does WDF have to sell?

    WDF has just released 5,246 units for sale after plugging the Bluhm Well #007 located in Toole County, Montana.  Measurements are based using the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) guidelines.

  • What is the history of the Bluhm #007 Well?

    The Bluhm #007 was drilled in March of 1930, in the throws of the Great Depression. While many Americans were out of work and struggling, Oil development in Montana at that time built communities and provided jobs that fueled hope and the American Dream! The Bluhm #007 Well became orphaned in the early 1990’s when its last operator went out of business and the well became the responsibility of the State of Montana.

  • How much CO2e was the Bluhm well emitting?

    The well was emitting 5,246 metric tons of CO2e which is the equivalent of 1206 gas powered cars being eliminated or planting 89,719 tree seedlings that are grown for 10 years.

  • When was the Bluhm Well plugged?

    WDF formally adopted the well in April of 2022 from the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation.  The well was sponsored in part by the WDF Ecotourism Field Camp #1 and many other generous donors.  The well was plugged on August 25, 2023, and the surface restoration is completed.  WDF will continue monitoring the well annually for the next 10 years.

  • Want to make an immediate impact?

    Plugging orphan wells instantaneously stops CO2 air and water pollution.

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