Announcing Diane MacEachern’s COOL 70th Birthday Fundraiser for the Well Done Foundation

How COOL is Diane MacEachern? The award-winning entrepreneur, author, green consumer expert, and self-proclaimed “nature-loving septuagenarian” has chosen the Well Done Foundation (WDF) as the beneficiary of her climate-focused birthday fundraiser.

To celebrate her 70th birthday, Diane is challenging friends, family, and anyone interested in helping to slow the pace of global warming to raise $30,000. These funds cover the costs incurred by WDF in identifying, adopting, monitoring/measuring, and plugging an orphaned oil or gas well, then restoring the surrounding landscape to it’s pre-drilled condition (or better!)

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From Diane:

“Methane is leaking out of more than 2 million abandoned gas wells in almost every state in the U.S. That sounds bad. And it is. But what made me feel good was this: Capping a well (which is done by filling it with cement and literally putting a cap on top of it) stops the methane leaking out of it…immediately.

Capping a methane well is also one of the best ways I’ve ever found to offset one’s own carbon footprint. Many offset programs don’t actually make much difference. This one does—in spades.

Here’s what else makes capping a leaking well so exciting. We don’t need to wait to develop new technology. We know exactly how to do it.

COOL stands for:

Cap a well.

Offset your carbon.

Organize others (Please forward this far and wide. Your friends are my friends!)

Lift your spirits. (Knowing I’m contributing to something that actually makes a difference makes me feel great. I bet it will make you feel great, too.)


About Diane:

Diane MacEachern is an award-winning entrepreneur and green consumer expert who has written extensively on climate change and solutions to reduce it. During her long career as an environmental policy advocate, she helped establish the 2-million acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, enact the “road-less rule” that protects almost 50 million acres of old growth “heritage” forests in North America, and keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. An early advocate of clean energy, Diane also helped create and implement one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s first initiatives to educate business leaders, insurance companies, meteorologists and the public health community about climate change. In addition, she helped develop and execute the communications strategy behind two of the largest Earth Day demonstrations in history. She founded Big Green Purse to inspire consumers to use their marketplace clout to protect themselves and the planet by shifting to the greenest products and services available.