Our Process

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Using several sources, the Well Done Foundation (WDF) field team identifies the orphaned well, performs  background research and creates a well profile detailing:

  • Well history
  • Well characteristics
  • Location
  • Surface ownerships
  • Existing O&G leases


The WDF team performs field verifications and generates a detailed orphaned well report to determine if the well qualifies for further analysis. We work with the surface owners for an access agreement to perform further testing for:

  • GHG emissions
  • Surface conditions
  • Accessibility


The orphaned well is monitored and analyzed for a period. A bond is posted and the orphaned well is adopted from the state. A campaign budget is prepared and a new orphaned well campaign is launched to raise the funds. If applicable, we employ the WDF carbon finance strategy for the plugging, abandonment and surface restoration of the orphaned well.


The WDF team works with the state to develop approved plugging and abandonment plans. The campaign work activities are planned with the surface owners, along with state and local agencies. WDF uses local and regional service companies to perform the work to create jobs, support the local economy and eliminate GHG emissions.


The WDF team works with the state and local agencies to complete the surface area restoration and develop a long-term site monitoring plan. The orphaned well campaign’s climate offset benefit are calculated based on the WDF-sponsored American Carbon Registry protocol.  The offset credits are verified and audited by an independent third-party validation organization.