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What is the Well Done Foundation and Why Does It Exist?

The vision for the Well Done Foundation (WDF) came together during the summer of 2019 after Curtis Shuck (founder and Chairman) visited the legacy Kevin-Sunburst Oilfield in northern Montana. He saw firsthand the impacts of orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells on communities and the environment.

That encounter left such a strong impression that Curtis felt compelled to take immediate action by leaving the oil patch better than the way that he had found it. 


Identifying the Problem

Across the nation there are more than 3.5 million orphaned wells, and many are emitting harmful methane gas

Quantifying the Impacts

WDF develops monitoring programs and prepares plans for orphaned well adoptions, plugging and restorations

Delivering Solutions

WDF TAKES ACTION to deliver integrated solutions for orphaned well plugging and surface restorations, eliminating harmful methane gas, #onewellatatime

Knowing that there was a better way and wanting to develop a collaborative approach to address the orphaned well problem, Curtis established the Well Done Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a national campaign. #onewellatatime.

Since 2019 the WDF, through the support of many generous donors and corporate sponsors, has plugged 29 orphan oil and gas wells in several states, permanently reducing harmful methane gas emissions (80X more harmful than carbon dioxide) by more than 500,000 metric tons of CO2e.

The WDF successfully has also sponsored the first of its kind “carbon methodology” for orphaned and abandoned oil and gas well plugging with the American Carbon Registry (ACR). We hope this useful financing tool will plug more wells faster.

Beginning in September 2021 WDF began plugging orphaned and abandoned wells in Pennsylvania and has organized in Ohio, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and California.