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Plugging the 3.5 million orphan wells in the USA reverses climate change, protects water, air and soil.

The Well Done Foundation Plugs Wells.

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To date we have plugged 40 wells emitting more than
1.2 metric tons of CO2e.
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Blue Ribbon Climate Benefit Units

(CBU Blues)
Be a climate hero. Offset your own personal carbon footprint
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Qualified Measurement Specialist Certification Program.

Bucket List Worthy Ecotourism

Join us this July 2024 in Montana for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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At the Well Done Foundation, we are committed to ensuring the vitality of our environment and public health by plugging orphan oil and gas wells. Together, we are combatting climate change, protecting our water resources and conserving our precious natural habitats.

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Bucket List Worthy Ecotourism

Orphan Well Field Experience.
Embark on a journey to majestic Montana for an eco-tourism adventure like none other! Work alongside Roughneck members, in Big Sky Country with this offer of a unique opportunity for eco-conscious travelers.
Join us in Shelby, Montana this July 2024 For the opportunity of a lifetime.
Make a real, immediate difference for the climate.

Be a Carbon Hero
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WDF has created Blue Ribbon Climate Benefit Units™ (CBU Blues) to be sold to individuals and companies to offset carbon footprints. The offsets were created by the plugging of the Bluhm #007 well.
CBUs are a great gift for yourself or others. Purchase in any quantity you like and receive a WDF registered certificate authenticating your purchase.
Make an instant and immediate impact in the fight against climate change.

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Paycheck With a Purpose Become a Certified QMS

The Well Done Foundation (WDF) and Well Done Montana LLC (WDM) are teaming up to provide Qualified Measurement Specialist (QMS) Training, Testing and Certification for Ventbuster Instruments. The WDF Course Curriculum includes a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT), which can be completed remotely, and facilitator lead classroom sessions coupled with boots on the ground, hands on supervised field work with orphaned oil & gas wells, that totals 37.0 hours of 3 days.
Earn a Paycheck you can be proud of!

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Meet the Well Done Foundation

Our mission is to fight climate change through plugging orphaned or abandoned oil and gas wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates there are approximately 3.5 million unplugged abandoned wells scattered throughout the United States. We work with farmers and landowners, local and state governments, corporations and not-for-profit organizations to locate abandoned wells, measure and document the CO2 emissions, then plug the wells and restore the surrounding surface area to its original state.

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