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Meet the Well Done Foundation

Our mission is to fight climate change through plugging orphaned or abandoned oil and gas wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates there are approximately 2.15 million unplugged abandoned wells scattered throughout the United States. We work with farmers and landowners, local and state governments, corporations and not-for-profit organizations to locate abandoned wells, measure and document the CO2 emissions, then plug the wells and restore the surrounding surface area to its original state.

What's New

2022 Inflection Points

2022 was a banner year for WDF. Thanks to the generous support of our partners and sponsors, the tireless efforts of our team, and contributions from our growing network of supporters, we were able to plug 9 orphaned wells, raise over $1.25M to fund our mission, and kick-off our new measurement and monitoring services. Read our 2022 year-end report for all the exciting details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Climate change is real and capping orphaned oil wells will absolutely reduce the amount of methane gas emitted into the atmosphere. We spend a lot of time responding to comments driven by misconceptions. Here you'll find answers to some common questions.

Youth Climate Initiative

YCI is a student-driven organization focused on raising environmental awareness and identifying and sharing opportunities for impactful and accessible climate actions. Join them in supporting the Well Done Foundation’s plugging of the McCleary #001 well in Ohio.

There are

2.15 Million
Unplugged Abandoned
Wells in U.S.

(EPA Estimate)

0 States
Across the Country


7.11 MMT CO2e
Each Year

That’s the Equivalent of

1.54 million passenger vehicles driven for one year

117.5 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years

7.85 billion lbs of
coal burned

1.29 million homes' electricity use for one year

We can only plug these wells with your help.

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